At ECT, we take pride in our expertise and accomplishments in the field of telecommunication infrastructure. With a track record of successful projects across various industries and sectors, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in delivering high-quality solutions.

Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, including rooftop installations, site upgrades, equipment rooms, civil works construction, RF and transmission installations, and much more.

Each case study demonstrates our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. We have partnered with renowned companies such as MTN, IHS, Projexci, and A.D.C., consistently delivering outstanding results.

Telecommunication Network Installation

Microwave link installationRead more

 – MTN

Microwave link installation 2+0

This project was carried out neighboring country to Rwanda. The site was at low altitude, tall forest, and buildings blocking the Link.

ECT recommended the client to change the Link Budget, and the client approved it.

2 sites, in Bukavu, DRC.
High Telecommunications Tower deployment

Tower deploymentsRead more

 – MTN

New sites deployments

41 sites across Rwanda
Kanombe Airport - Installation of new BBS outdoor cabinet

Kanombe Airport - Installation of new BBS outdoor cabinet Read more

 – MTN

Installation of new BBS outdoor cabinet + 8 Backup Batteries and Removal of unused Equipment

Kigali International Airport sites

Solar aviation lights installationsRead more

 – IHS

Solar aviation lights installations

47 sites
Full telecommunications site Indoor Installation

22 New Sites InstallationRead more

 – MTN

22 New Sites Installation for MTN Rwanda

22 sites

New sites installation servicesRead more


Rura sites new installation services

7 sites
48V Batteries in enclosure

Batteries Transport & InstallationRead more

 – MTN

Batteries Transport & Installation

Supply & Installation Read more

 – MTN

Supply & Installation

Transmission & RF, Plus Transmission Magazine Installation

Transmission & RF, Plus Transmission Magazine InstallationRead more

 – MTN

Transmission & RF, Plus Transmission Magazine Installation

Ruyenzi site

RF installation & Microwave installationRead more

 – MTN

RF installation & Microwave installation

Kagugu, Mount Kigali, RDB sites
Installation of Mobile BTS

Installation for Mobile BTSRead more

 – MTN

Installation for Mobile BTS

Amahoro Stadium Remera

Transmission link installation & RecoveryRead more

 – MTN

Transmission link installation & Recovery for sites given.

Kabuga, Nyirangarama, RSSB, Gikonko and Mbazi sites
Installation of transmission magazines to sites

TRANSMISSION Magazines installationRead more

 – MTN

Installing the TRANSMISSION Magazines to sites

Gatare, Nshungwe, Nkora, Mugera, Gisovu, Vunga sites

Network Maintenance, Upgrades and Expansion

Dismantling of equipment at Amahoro StadiumRead more

 – MTN

Our client wanted to uninstall all the infrastructures

2 sites at Amahoro Stadium

2G Expansion for 60 cellsRead more

 – MTN

2G Expansion for 60 Cells

15 sites
Installation of mobile telecom antennas

3G expansionRead more

 – MTN

U2100(3G expansion) site Service

8 sites
Rooftop Antenna

2G Expansion & Modernisation, and antenna swapRead more

 – MTN

2G Expansion & Modernisation, 3G new sites, antenna swap and installation of new sites

While this was mainly expansion and upgrade, the client had us install few new sites across all regions of Rwanda.

All regions of Rwanda.

Remera Switching Genset Capacity ExpansionRead more

 – MTN

Remera Switching Genset Capacity Expansion and MV / LV Transformer Works

Remera Switch
Rooftop antennas

2G Expansion Up CountryRead more

 – MTN

2G Expansion Up Country

Telecommunications Tower installation in rural area

U2100 Deployments to 50 sites outside Kigali with U900 onlyRead more

 – MTN

U2100 Deployments to 50 sites outside Kigali with U900 only.

50 sites
Manhole and fiber optic cables

Optical Fiber PatrollingRead more

 – MTN

Optical Fiber Patrolling for Nyabugogo and Yanze Bridges

Nyabugogo at Yanze Bridge.

Physical inventory and tagging for IT and Admin assetsRead more

 – MTN

The client had ECT do all tagging of Physical inventory categorized as "IT and Admin assets"

All MTN service centers
Outdoor cabinet on site

Platform RelocationRead more

 – IHS

Platform Relocation to Warehouse


Transportation of 96 batteries from warehouse to switch.Read more

 – MTN

Transportation of 96 Batteries from MTN Warehouse to Gahengeri switch and Recovery from Gahengeri to MTN warehouse

Warehouse, and Gahengeri
Two outdoor enclosures at rooftop

Peage site relocationRead more

 – MTN

Peage site relocation

Peage in Kigali City.
Rooftop tower with Dish

Roof repairRead more

 – MTN

Kibuye Switch Roof repair

Kibuye Switch

Construction and Infrastructure

Fixing Signages on sitesRead more

 – IHS

Fixing Signages on sites up country & Kigali

511 sites across Rwanda

Guard House & Toilet Construction Read more

 – IHS

Guard House & Toilet Construction

50+ sites
House and a Telecommunications Tower sunset silhouette

Civil Works ConstructionRead more

 – IHS

Various projects related to civil works, including Guard House & Toilet construction

Masoro Warehouse, Twumba, Byumba, Gishushu, Kibenga, Muramba, Nyagahanga and more.

Rain water Drainage and water channel protection civil worksRead more

 – MTN

Rain water Dranage and water channel protection civil works at MTN Switch Centre Remera

MTN Switch Centre Remera
Earthing measurement device — Ohm meter

Civil works Earthing and Electrical installationRead more

 – MTN

Civil works, Earthing and Electrical installation

Mount Kigali, RURA building sites

Generator RelocationRead more

 – MTN

Gacuriro to CFO's residence

Gacuriro to CFO's residence
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